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“Invest your time, your money and your pain in deciding what you’re fully prepared to die for.
Then invest your time, your money and your energy in living for it!”

                            George P. Kansas

This is the core principle behind 3 Dragons Coaching.  This principal is supported by three fundamental strategies (G.P.K.).

1) Identify your GOALS because you are what you do something about everyday.
2) Articulate your PURPOSE because it fuels your soul.
3) KNOW in your bones that you’re willing to stake it all on achieving them (Goals & Purpose) because until you do, your fear will govern your thoughts, decisions and actions.

For qualified individuals, I will work one-on-one providing my proprietary, performance driven coaching services – 3 Dragons Coaching.  Working one-on-one, I have confidentially coached C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, performing artists, authors, speakers and those seeking and/or holding public office.

Benefits of Coaching:

“I experienced profound – and profitable – benefits during the first session!”
- Ben S. – C-level Executive

“Like Jumper-Cables for my mind!”
- Sue T. – Education Leader

“I closed two five-figure deals within weeks of our first session.”
- Carl W. – Entrepreneur

“My work with George broke down barriers almost immediately.  Between the Winslow Assessment and George’s insight, I was led, step-by-step, through the whole transformational process.”
- Robert C. – Sales Engineer

“The support and feedback combined with George’s compassion and experience really turned up the heat on my business.  Getting to my goals faster was my plan and I did it!”
- Jim G. – Network Marketer

My work with you is strictly confidential (a habit I picked up from 20 years of practicing law) so the names of these people are not real, but these are real quotes from real people!

Who qualifies to work one-on-one with me in my trademarked Emotional Archaeology Accountability Program:
3 Dragons Coaching?  

You do, if you:

- Are considered “highly compensated” (usually – earn greater than $250,000.00 per year)
- Find the demands of the public are taxing you emotionally
- Find the demands of your work are impacting your relationships
- Find that your high profile lifestyle prevents you from developing “normal” relationships
- Are substantially accomplished and feel you’re meant for more
- Are not satisfied with your level of performance in one or more areas of your life (professional, relationship, family, health, fitness, financial)

How do I use my experience with business, public office, life-threatening illness and performance athletics to help you?

After an initial personal telephone consultation with me, you’ll undergo the same rigorous assessment program used to develop the worlds best athletes, astronauts and executives by completing the Winslow Assessment.  Using the results of both the consultation and the assessment, I will design an introductory 12-week program specifically to address:

- your unique needs, and concerns,
- the demands of your lifestyle and schedule and -based upon my extensive experience with high-performing individuals-,
- the specific fears and road-blocks you’re likely to be dealing with.

About 70% of my one-on-one coaching clients are men between the ages of 35-50.  Most of these men deal with the effects of ADD/ADHD to some degree or another.  All of my clients – both men and women – have experienced improvements in their work performance in a matter of weeks which far out weigh their investment in the program.  All of my clients have reported significant improvements in their non-work relationships within weeks of beginning their program as well.

What to expect:

In 2 decades of working with exceptional people, my clients have found that the most profound changes are experienced between weeks 8 and 12.  Before that, we are building up to a breakthrough.  After that, we are solidifying the habits that allow you to maintain consistent growth and continued development.  After the introductory program, we may decide to increase the frequency of our telephone sessions.  After 6 months, we may decide to reduce the frequency of our sessions.  The entire process probably won’t last longer than 18 months.  Most clients see huge value in the sessions beginning IMMEDIATELY.  Throughout the process we’ll be consistently reevaluating your progress and what value you attach to our work together.  Though I’ve never had a client tell me that our work together did anything other than exceed their value expectations, I recognize that each of us value different things in a coaching experience.  My goal, therefore, is to constantly provide value that exceeds your expectations and our communications consistently reflect that effort.

Your expected investment:

After completing the initial qualifying questionnaire, a initial 15 minute consultation is FREE.  If you qualify for the Accountability Program, we’ll schedule your weekly session and begin immediately with an initial payment of $3,600.00.  This pays for your Winslow Assessment Password and your first 12 weeks of coaching sessions and email access.  The introductory assessment takes about an hour to complete online and your results are available in a matter of hours.

What’s included in the initial package (total value over $11,000) :

Your Unique Winslow Assessment Identifier/Password ($399.00 value)?
12 Weeks of coaching sessions ($3,600.00 value)
email access for ongoing dialogue (included in your 12 week package)
copy of Quitting is NOT on the Menu ($29.00 value)
registration in Mind2Market online program ($20 value)
discounted invitation for live one-on-one relationship immersion ($5,000 value)
discounted Power of Paradox group program ($2,500 value)

How to start:

1) Click the link here to view my short video about the Accountability Program  (LINK PENDING)
2) Send me an email me at gpk@georgepkansas.com and ask about setting up a qualifying interview.
3) Download and complete a brief 3DragonsCoachingSurveyAndApplication to determine if you qualify for a FREE 15 minute intro. session with no further obligation.
4) If you qualify, Make an Appointment Now for your FREE 15-minute intro. session.  That session will help determine whether you qualify for the 3 Dragons Coaching Accountability Program.

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