George P. Kansas’ Paradox to Power (P2P) – Where ancient Sparta meets Tech-Valley!

A decade into the fastest changing economy since the space-age, collaboration, creative problem solving and heart and mind driven communication have never been more important, more respected, more valued.  No longer relegated to “soft skills”, these strategies are now recognized for their contribution to generating hard currency!

In the end of the twentieth century, skills traditionally credited to women such as collaboration, empathic communication and creativity were often discredited in the board room.  “Soft skills” as they’ve been called, were the last to have training dollars invested in developing because they were perceived to contribute the least to the bottom line.

Welcome to leadership in the new millennium!

Introducing: Paradox to Power! – Where ancient Sparta meets Tech-Valley!  Celebrating the millennia old, ancient Greek practice of consulting the Oracle.  Together, we’ll combine this ancient wisdom with our modern day desire for fun, to provide the perfect recipe for an interactive, highly-productive, professional and personal development experience.

Participants work together in pods of 4-8 to collectively identify, and creatively solve, interesting, real-world challenges and leave with practical, highly innovative and immediately executable solutions.  Oh, and throughout, have a lot of fun doing it!

By embracing and employing three simple strategies, your team will create real value… immediately!  I’m certain of it!  Why?  Because it’s happened EVERY single time we’ve created the experience!

1) Articulate the challenge with specificity. – Quick and witty banter echo through the room as we work quickly to identify the various challenges and opportunities.  Each pod articulates its own challenges so the more pods, the more solutions at the end of the program!

2) Seek an unlikely source for the solution. – We go to the “Oracle” for our “answer”.  A deck of answers developed over twenty years of working with teams just like yours provides the solutions.  Your challenge?  Make the answer you pick fit your challenge.  This is when the real fun begins!

3) Describe the solution in an irresistible way. – As if forcing the round peg of the Oracle’s answer into the square hole of your given challenge wasn’t fun enough, when asked to be poetic and concise, the laughter really starts to roll.

The best part of this entire enterprise is that as fun and cathartic as the process is, the outcomes – several extremely well and concisely articulated axioms -  are incredibly and instantly appreciable, valuable and executable!

Paradox to Power – The most rewarding investment you’ll make in your people this year!

To download a printable PDF copy of this précis click this link: Paradox2PowerPrecisPDF.

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