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Bridging the Gap from Fear to Fantastic !

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George P. Kansas – BIO (Download PDF Below)

From 1995 to 2005, as a full time, single father of two, practicing attorney and results coach to executives, entrepreneurs and artists, George’s work focused on helping busy people strike a healthy, nurturing balance between professional and personal responsibilities and physical and spiritual growth.  He shared his perspectives across the globe under the trademark, Jumper Cables for the Soul.

In 2005, George was diagnosed with rare Leukemia which had completely destroyed all of his bone marrow.  Just 5 months later, after employing a rigorous combination of modern medical science, deep transcendental meditation and powerful creative visualization, George was “cancer free”.

Through that experience George realized that the business lessons he’d been teaching for years played an important role in saving his own life.  His mission now takes four avenues:

  • Helping C-level executives experience the results of their success in a more passionate, sustainable way.
  • Helping executive groups, teams, and organizations maximize their gatherings through entertaining and engaging creative problem solving, team-building and communications programs.
  •  Helping athletes and corporate groups integrate fitness and running into their busy lives through his online and in person program BeRunning! and
  • Helping survivors and the people who love them strengthen their mind-body partnerships by changing the vocabulary of the cancer experience to find Hope and Connection… No Matter What!

Since his recovery, George has run 4 full marathons, many more half-marathons, published 5 books, has spoken to hundreds of audiences from corporate events to retreats for survivors and caregivers across the country.  He’s trained hundreds of runners to run their first races and raised thousands of dollars to support retreat events for survivors and caregivers.

His life’s purpose?  To bridge the gap between Fear and Fantastic!

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Helping C-level executives and other high-performers focus on what passionate desires burn in their bellies with coaching and resources such as the Jumper Cables Series of Little Books of Meditations, Quitting is NOT on the Menu and How to Dominate the World (a networking primer).

Also helping survivors and the people who love them with a book and experience called iCanSir! -How to strengthen the mind-body partnership with a process he’s coined Emotional Archaeology, by changing the vocabulary of the cancer experience to find Hope and Connection… No Matter What!

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George works with cancer related and survivor related charities, athletic teams and corporate groups helping people make the most of every day.  For information about how to bring George’s unique talents to work for your team, click here.

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Leadership Motivation LLC
475 Broadway #148
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

518 365 5756

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Bridging the gap between fear and FANTASTIC! Helping Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Cancer Survivors and their Caregivers find hope and connection...No Matter What!

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